Atty. M. Sc Alpaslan KUMAŞ
General Information Career

Born in 1976 in Elazığ, Alpaslan KUMAŞ completed his primary and secondary education in Tokat. He graduated from Ankara High School. After studying at METU Chemical Engineering, he graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Political Sciences, Department of Business Administration.

He completed his master's degree in economics at Vanderbilt University in the USA. He also studied law at Cyprus International University and is currently a lawyer registered with the Ankara Bar Association.

KUMAŞ started his professional career as a Revenue Controller in 2005 and worked as a manager in the Risk Analysis Branch of the Tax Inspection Board between 2011-2013.

Between 2015-2018, he worked as an inspector at the Presidency of the Financial Crimes Investigation Board and carried out laundering offence and terrorist financing investigations.

KUMAŞ, who has a Sworn-in Certified Public Accountant Licence and Independent Auditor Certificate, has articles on tax, financial and black money legislation published in many journals and a book titled "Taxation of Lawyers (In the Light of Judicial Decisions and Exceptions)" published by Seçkin Yayınclık in 2022.

At the same time, since 2018, he has been providing training to entrepreneurs about their public obligations as a mentor in Venture Warrior.

Since 21 April 2021, he has been providing legal services registered with the Ankara Bar Association as NELSUS Law.