Since 1998, as a public employee, we have been doing every task assigned to us by using all of our knowledge and experience, by observing rights, law and justice, and by using the ways and methods we believe to be right.

During this period, we have preferred the public interest to our own interest; we also believed that this should be the case. We have considered it a responsibility not only to perform the assigned tasks, but also to think and reason about the tasks that need to be done and given, and we have spent time in this direction.

We were uncomfortable with whatever remained idle, especially our human resources. It has always been our motto to use our resources in their entirety and in the most effective way. 

After 22 years of public experience, as a result of months of negotiations, we decided to utilise our public experience and knowledge in the private sector.

And finally, NELSUS was born as a result of the analyses and evaluations we made with very valuable people with whom we have been in contact for years on various occasions.

We came together to provide fast, effective and reliable services to our public institutions and companies in line with their needs by combining our human resources with informatics at an optimum level.

Our team, which has been in the financial audit kitchen throughout their careers, aims to apply their knowledge, business discipline and understanding of responsibility to other consultancy areas. 

While providing other consultancy services outside the financial field with the best in their field, we aim to contribute to increasing the level of institutionalisation of the public institutions and companies we serve on the one hand, and on the other hand, to support the directing of resources to productive investment areas. 

We will do all this with the awareness of how much ethical values have been eroded today, and without compromising on honesty and quality by choosing the hard way, as we have done so far.

Our next day will not be equal to the previous one. With your support, we will be progressing by constantly improving ourselves.

Sincerely yours,

NELSUS President