Today, it is vital for businesses to receive reliable consultancy services based on knowledge and experience. This is because both the shareholders and stakeholders of enterprises want to be well informed about the financial and corporate performances of the enterprise.

Many environmental factors such as economic crises, investment opportunities or capital mobility, or micro-scale problems experienced by enterprises due to their specific conditions also require specific consultancy services within the framework of their own dynamics.

The correct evaluation of the financial and corporate performance of enterprises and the correct analysis and determination of the problems they face or the opportunities they can seize depend on the business culture, merit and skills of the consultancy and audit service provider.

NELSUS has designed a model in which experienced professionals with expertise in different fields work together, the unique conditions of the companies are especially evaluated, and the solution partnership model is applied on the widest basis.

Aiming to bring a new approach to the audit and consultancy sector, NELSUS is an audit and consultancy firm with a unique corporate structure based on honesty and ethical principles. Its services are far beyond the scope of conventional audit and consultancy firms.

Tax and accounting-focused audit and consultancy covering the fulfilment of all obligations of businesses to the Revenue Administration (RA) and the Tax Audit Board (VDK) and the follow-up of their financial incentives,

Financial statement-oriented audit and consultancy covering independent audit and corporate reporting services requested by all administrations under legal obligation, especially the Public Oversight Authority (KGK) and the Capital Markets Board (CMB),

All consultancy services that businesses will need according to their fields of activity, especially Customs, Social Security, Information and Communication Technologies, R&D, Incentives, Grants, Real Estate Management services,

Protection of personal data, Commercial dispute resolution, Enforcement proceedings, Labour law, Mediation and Competition law,

Consultancy services for the evaluation of corporate governance performances of enterprises, especially the Corporate Check-up service, which examines the objectives, organisational structure and business processes of the enterprises and identifies the points that may lead to inefficiency in the company and the development areas that will enable the company to grow,

These are the main service areas of NELSUS.

NELSUS is "the trust around you" with its expert and qualified human resources structure and unique working model.